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Control your entire operation with our easy-to-use software

As a glass shop, you’ve got a lot on your plate. With a huge range of products and orders, and complex pricing and profit formulas, things can be pretty overwhelming.

Quest Software transforms those complexities into a simple, flawless operation. It takes control of your business, so you can focus on what you do best—giving your customers top-quality products and service.

For over 25 years, Quest has helped over 5,000 glass shops run seamlessly—keeping costs down and profits up. Our advanced cutting-edge software handles pricing, billing, invoices, payments, quotes, work orders, inventory tracking, supplies, profit calculations, labor expenses, ordering, cutting and design, and much more. It’s so simple, you’ll learn to use it effortlessly—even if you’re not tech savvy.

GlassQuote 7, Flat Glass Software, and other innovative programs will maximize your profit, reduce costs, and eliminate waste. They enable your customer service reps to work quickly, avoid costly errors, and not have to fumble around with the keyboard while your customer waits.

You’ll increase customer loyalty and have more control over your reps, without having to micromanage.

Specially designed for glass shops 

Quest software is designed and engineered specifically for glass shop retail point-of-sale. Spreadsheets and other generic software leads to confusion and mistakes, and simply can’t perform most of the tasks your business needs for day-to-day operations. At Quest, our thousands of clients have shown us which features increase sales and profits, and eliminate waste—making our software a necessity for any glass shop owner who wants to thrive.

Service and Support

Another major Quest benefit is our trained, highly skilled support team. They respond quickly and effectively, and patiently answer your questions and solve your problems—no matter how long it takes. That’s really important, because even a few minutes of technical problems or glitches can cost you short-term profits, and long term customers.

And while we’re large enough to offer great services, we’re not too big—so we always respond quickly. No matter what size your business—you’ll have a concerned human who knows you personally. That reliability can be the key to a company’s success. At times of crisis and urgency—our tech support keeps you running at full speed.

Only Quest software solutions are 100% compliant with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) administered by Auto Glass Safety Council.

Check out our terrific glass software products:

GlassQuote Seven

  • The latest version of our industry-leading Point Of Sale Software
  • Predict profits; manage jobs and multiple locations all from one source.
  • Available for PC, or new Cloud-based web version

Click here to learn more about GlassQuote Seven

FLATGlass Software

  • For residential glass companies
  • Manage jobs, work orders, invoices and accounts receivable

Click here to learn more about FLATGlass Software

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