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Manage work orders, invoices, pricing, cutting, inventory, and much more…

Keeping customers happy and loyal

Nothing’s more frustrating than keeping a customer waiting while your customer service rep fumbles with his computer. As your customer stands there checking his watch, your rep tries to figure out what went wrong. The more anxious the customer gets, the more your rep sweats and loses focus, making it even harder to figure out the problem. These moments of tension can cost you valuable customers.

Point-of-sale software needs to be easy-to-use, and super-reliable—your company’s success depends on it. With Quest, you get exactly that. It’s simple to learn, completely automated, and streamlines your operations—leaving your rep free to give your customer his full attention.

We’ve been creating software for glass shops for over 25 years. We know which features keep things running smoothly, bring down costs, and help retain happy customers.

Quest software puts all the necessary data at your fingertips. You take the order, process it, quote a price (including product and labor), and create an invoice–all in seconds. Your customer will enjoy the experience, and your pricing will be accurate, to ensure maximum profit.

Many versatile uses

Our flat glass software does it all. Complex cuts, fabrications and attachments are easily priced according to the customer.  On the front end it produces quotes, work orders and invoices.  Behind the scenes, it handles all payment types, manages inventory and re-order points, tracks accounts receivable and customer information, and produces analytical reports to better manage your business and profitability.  And, our product’s flexibility accommodates the features and procedures that makes your company unique.

Quest support

As always, the Quest support team is there when you need us, to answer your questions, troubleshoot, problem-solve, and creative new and innovative ways to improve your operation, save you money, generate profit, and make your customers happy.

Benefits include:

  • Seamless operation of multiple locations
  • Import vendor lists for products, part numbers and pricing
  • Provides quotes, work orders and invoices
  • Includes built-in accounts receivable for posting, tracking, aging, sales reports and statement printing
  • Allows unlimited customers, glass, parts and fabrications
  • Flexible pricing with multiple levels and incremental pricing
  • Mark up pricing based on cost
  • Calculate price by square foot, linear foot, united inch, linear inch, or per piece
  • Formulas for special cuts like circles, triangles and trapezoids
  • Can round to the next even inch
  • Built-in lossage table
  • Provides a lookup feature on each data field
  • Web-hosted “cloud” version available
  • Invoice profitability report
  • Utility to perform cost increase

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