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Whether you’re filling a large contractor’s order, replacing a home window, or repairing a windshield—glass pricing can be complex. There’s a huge variety of products and price fluctuations, a range of purchase prices from competing suppliers, plus varying costs, fees, taxes, and labor expenses. You need up-to-the-minute data, and you need it quick, to be able to provide fast, accurate quotes.

If your software’s not up to the task, it can eat away at your profits. It’s also has to be super-fast to keep your customers happy.

Quest has been creating glass quoting software for 25 years, and we constantly test and update it. The combination of decades of experience with the latest, cutting-edge technology is a rare commodity. GlassQuote Seven provides peace of mind in knowing your quote is accurate, and will maximize profit. Plus—our software makes everything extremely clear, eliminating costly mistakes.

The setup wizard walks you through initial setup—showing you what to insert, and where. It includes labor fees, fuel costs, and other fixed expenses, plus minimum profit, additional profit tiers, and vendor information. Once it’s set up, you can clearly and accurately determine which supplier to buy a part from. You can also project your net profit. If the projection is below your pre-entered minimum profit (which can be percentage or flat amount), GlassQuote Seven will issue a warning.

You’ll also be able to create and print work orders and invoices, and punch in payment information. If the job is covered by an insurance company, you can easily submit policy number, VIN, and all other necessary information—in a matter of seconds!

How GlassQuote7 can increase your profits:

  • Automated cost-plus pricing.


    Our exclusive automated, up-to-the-minute cost plus pricing from major suppliers like Pilkington, PGW, Mygrant, Guardian, and others. Eliminates guess work, allowing you to quote jobs faster and with complete accuracy.

  • Profit Protector.Know your exact profit before you give a quote. This exclusive feature automatically calculates profit by comparing up to three retail billing codes to a selected billing rate. Plus—it factors in taxes, fuel, and other fixed costs to determine your net profit.
  • Quote Wiz. This great feature puts your Customer Service Representatives script right there on the quote screen. They’ll know exactly what to say, your customer will have a clear quote and know just what to expect, and you’ll have peace of mind.
  • Web Hosted “Cloud” version available. Now we can host your GlassQuote Seven software and data files for you—eliminating costly servers and computer expenses. With our new Web Hosted Cloud version of GlassQuote Seven, you always have the latest version with automatic updates, backups, and seamless support. Access your files from any computer, anytime, anywhere, while lowering your computer support costs. Get maximum flexibility and reduced computer maintenance costs.
  • Easy upgrade. If you’re not cloud-based, you can still easily upgrade or migrate to the latest version of Glass Quote Seven, using our new web-portal. You never have to mess around with confusing computer software updates.
  • Automated ordering. GQ7 queries all the major suppliers for the desired part, determines lowest price, and can even automatically order the part from suppliers like Pilkington, PGW, Mygrant, and Guardian.
  • Security. We use the safest encryption methods to protect your information. Plus—everything is instantly backed up.
  • Support. As with all Quest products, GQ7 comes with the benefit of Quest support access. We assist, troubleshoot, repair, and can even customize GQ7 to fit your company’s needs. We respond quickly and give you the attention you deserve.
  • Tablet version. Ability to remotely connect on your iPad or Android tablet.

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