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Our singular focus is your company’s success and profitability


Claims management is a highly complex part of your operation, and it’s got to be handled with flawless precision.

At Quest, we know claims is your company’s heart and soul. Think of us as your heart specialists. Your brand, reputation, and profits are on the line, and that’s something we take very seriously.

Claims brings together many different systems, like customer service, IT, software, coverage, and more, and they need to work together in complete sync. Every step—the initial report, appraisal, processing, towing, repair, underwriting, and reimbursement—are critical to both customer retention and maximizing profit.

Even one mistake can be terribly costly. You cannot afford turbulence, confusion, or technical glitches. Which is why you need a proven company with decades of experience to steer the ship.

Experienced, reliable, cutting-edge

For over 25 years, Quest has been improving and perfecting our system, with one focus—your company’s continued growth and success. The claims process has to work like a well-oiled machine—and with Quest’s reliable, cutting-edge service, software, and programs—you get just that.

Responsive and accessible

Quest is not “too big to respond.” Sure, we’re large enough to skillfully handle your claims needs, but we haven’t lost sight of the fact that we’re a family company. We’re easy to get a hold of, and take as much time as necessary to address your needs.

Flexibility and versatility

We keep our operations nimble, so we can adjust “on the fly.” Call us with a suggestion, critique, or any other concern, we don’t just treat it as “business as usual.” We respond quickly and effectively. If need be, we’ll adjust and modify our daily operations, and reprogram our software to accommodate you. It’s yet another way we go all out to get you results.

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives treat your customers with respect and dignity. One of the keys to success is to give your customer a positive, pleasant claims experience—at all times, and especially moments of high stress and frustration.

Our many services include:

Outsourced Claims Handling

We use our vast resources to manage every part of the claims process—FNOL, information gathering, processing, and settlement. We keep you updated in real-time. You can also combine outsourcing with in-house handling.

Click here to learn more about Outsourced Claims Handling

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Programs Reporting Services

Our FNOL 24-hour loss reporting services includes Automotive, Property & General Liability claims. We become an extension of your organization, and caring for your customers is our top priority—especially at stressful moments like this.

Click here to learn more about FNOL Programs Reporting Services

Turnkey Claims Solutions

Quest’s Glass, FNOL, Roadside Assistance, and Secondary Towing Management software solutions are web-based applications you can operate in-house, or outsource to Quest or any other preferred call center.

Click here to learn more about Turnkey Claims Solutions

Glass Repair Management

Quest is a major Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for glass repair, with over 20 years’ experience. Quest is not involved in glass manufacturing, distribution or installation, so we’re completely independent, and do what’s in your best interest, not ours.

Click here to learn more about Glass Repair Management

Software Development

Quest is a national technology integrator and software developer. For over 20 years, major insurance companies have asked us to develop specific applications for claims handling automation, invoicing, and payment processes.

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