First Notice of Loss

Getting things right from the start can mean big savings, and loyal, satisfied customers

FNOL is the backbone of claims handling, and can be exceedingly complex.

Your customer is stressed and frightened, and needs care and compassion. At the same time, you need the right questions asked, accurate information collected, and timely updates delivered to your claims system. Just one misstep can cost you a bundle, and worse—cost you a loyal customer.

It’s critical to have highly-trained, experienced representatives with the know-how to comfort and reassure your customer, and still focus on asking all the necessary questions, gathering the appropriate information, and contacting the right people. Quest’s FNOL service does all that…and more.

img-fnolServices include:

  • Wide range of claim types including automotive, property, general liability, workman’s comp, and property
  • Round-the-clock accessibility—365 days a year
  • Calls routed through your system or ours, from all 50 states and Canada
  • Trained, experienced, and compassionate US-based reps
  • Accurate, real-time updates of claim-loss data to you and the agent
  • Custom scripts for each type of claim
  • Escalation procedures and call lists for emergencies and catastrophes Adaptation and procedure changes for storms and high volume activity.
  • Handling of “informational calls”
  • Categorize informational calls for marketing and claims purposes
  • Choice of minimal overviews or detailed information for each claim
  • Advanced options to update your system in real-time

Timely, accurate information

Quest’s FNOL services are executed flawlessly by reps with years of experience. They know time is of the essence, and are experts at gathering the necessary information—quickly and accurately.

Extraordinary customer care

FNOL calls always come when your customer is under extreme stress. Our reps are compassionate, friendly and caring. One of the first questions they ask is “Are you in a safe place?” They’re trained in emergency procedures and will contact the police on your customer’s behalf. Since customers are often frantic, and sometimes even in shock, this can make it a desperate situation.

The fact that your customer is vulnerable and emotional makes FNOL an opportune time to build long-lasting customer trust, and demonstrating a customer-centric focus will retain them for life.

Tailored to your needs

Quest adapts its FNOL service to fit your platform. Our customer care centers are equipped to handle all your FNOL needs. If you prefer to field calls in-house, we offer customized software that can handle all your FNOL needs.

Additionally, Quest captures the FNOL information for some clients on their claims system.  For others, we capture the information on our FNOL software and electronically upload the claim to the client’s system or produce a hard copy of the information in the client’s preferred format.

Claim escalation and call lists

When emergencies arise, calls will be escalated according to your procedures.  In fact, our FNOL software accommodates the procedures and call lists for escalation of a claim and to provide your customer with immediate instructions or procedures based on the type of claim. It also provides claim mitigation services such as water, board-up, and other claim related immediate services.

Catastrophic events 

During times of exceptionally high claim volume, you can always rely on our ability to ramp up and assist you.  Our FNOL software is ideally suited for quick adaptation and procedure changes for catastrophic events.  And, our contact center is staffed with qualified personnel available on short notice.


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