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Quest is a truly independent TPA.

We never manufacture, distribute, or install glass.


Like all our services, Quest’s glass claims management revolves around customer satisfaction, increasing your profit margin, and keeping your costs at a minimum.

Unlike other claims management companies, Quest does not manufacture, distribute or install glass. Many other claims companies actually provide their own glass services—including manufacturing, distribution, and installation. Some even do all three! That’s a serious conflict of interest, putting the claims management company’s interests directly at odds with your company’s needs and your customer’s wishes. It’ll cost you money, create friction between you and your customer, and may even lead to lawsuits.

We eliminate the conflict

Based upon 20 years’ experience as a glass TPA, more than 50% of glass claims are reported when the insured is already with the glass vendor they’ve chosen. Once that choice is made, any effort to change their minds will create friction and may be construed as steering.

Our solution:

Quest’s neutrality eliminates these concerns. Quest isn’t out to sell a product. We don’t even have a product (other than our terrific software). We offer a service—one that’s intent on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

We give your customer the freedom to choose the vendor he wants, and we encourage open-market competition to get you the lowest rates.

An added benefit of our approach is that it strengthens your relationship and rapport with the vendor. Once he knows you have no vested interest in competing with him, you’ll earn his trust, which will lead to a healthy, ongoing, cost-effective relationship.

Our neutrality allows us to focus on providing your customer with a well-managed program.

Our great benefits include:

  • Increased vendor and agent participation
  • More invoices at agreed upon pricing.
  • Better overall glass claims cost as a result of competition
  • Elimination of steering concerns
  • Vendor Database. Quest’s neutrality allows us to provide clients with a national database of qualified glass vendors. Your customers can rely on exceptional service wherever they go.
  • Consumer choice. Your customer will appreciate being able to choose their preferred glass vendor.

More great benefits of Quest’s Glass Claims Management:

  • Tailored Programs. We offer customized programs that meet your specific needs
  • Quest “Glass Reporting Suite” provides industry benchmarks state by state analysis and benchmarks your program against a peer set similar to your business.
  • Agency Buy-in. If your agents insure vendors, we can refer them as service providers on our glass network.
  • Real-time Information. Client authorized claims personnel can go online any time to review the status of jobs and generate real-time analytical reports.
  • Prompt invoice payment. Quest believes fast payment is crucial to maintaining healthy client-vendor relationships. We lead the industry by issuing payment within 48 hours from invoicing!
  • Web Technology
  • Quest’s TPA software is simple to use, and you’re free to access it 24/7. You can also provide access to vendors and agents. This strengthens your relationships with larger agencies and vendors, and keeps the process smooth and efficient for increased savings.

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