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Quest has a proven track record of making companies more profitable, increasing customer retention, and helping them attract new clientele. We’re proud of our decades of service to our many loyal clients.

People often ask us our secret. Okay, we’ll share it with you (just promise you won’t tell anyone!). Quest’s “secret recipe” is to give every customer the ultimate care and service, while acting as your brand—to instill lifelong trust and confidence in your company. We stay totally invisible while you reap the benefits.

Customer safety

Your customers put their family’s safety and welfare in your company’s hands, and we take that very seriously. We show up quickly, and show utmost concern for their well-being. That kind of reliable service is a fundamental part of keeping them happy and loyal to your brand, and getting them to encourage friends and family to do the same.

Safe and efficient towing—keeps costs at a minimum

Another major benefit of reliable towing is it keeps things moving quickly and efficiently. Accident scene and secondary towing are an integral part of quick repair cycles, which can lead to big savings.

Value-added service helps you compete with the “big boys”

A reliable roadside and towing service is critical to your company’s growth and success. With a great value-added service to provide your customers, you’ll get the edge on your competitors—especially motor clubs who now offer insurance packages.

Our roadside and towing benefits include:

  • Customer Retention. Roadside assistance as a VAS is a valuable service that maximizes customer trust and loyalty. Plus—our accident and secondary  towing speeds up the repair process, saving you storage and rental costs, and quickly gets customers  back in their cars
  • Customer care. Trained, friendly, and courteous operators take care of your customers’ needs, and spend time answering questions and resolving problems. We have a 97.6% satisfaction rating with end users
  • Rapid response. Our towing experts arrive quickly and handle the problem efficiently
  • Huge savings. Accident scene and secondary tow services are notorious for dragging out the process and driving up costs. We do it quickly and at a reasonable cost
  • Reliability. Our nationwide “Tow Network” of  roadside and towing service providers are quick, courteous, and fully vetted by Quest.

Check out the many valuable services we offer:

Roadside Assistance Programs

Quest’s reliable Roadside Assistance program keeps customers satisfied 24/7, 365 days a year.

Click here to learn more about Roadside Assistance Programs

Accident Scene Tow Services

Our Accident Scene Towing program saves you money—up to $400 per event. We take control of the vehicle prior to a police rotation tow.

Click here to learn more about Accident Scene Tow Services

Secondary Towing Solutions

Eliminate compounding daily storage fees and rental costs while your customer’s vehicle sits in a impound facility or police tower’s storage lot.

Click here to learn more Secondary Towing Solutions

Municipal Towing Programs

Quest’s program increases response times, and keeps money in the community by using only local service providers for towing and storage services.

Click here to learn more Municipal Towing Programs

Smartphone Applications

Available for iPhone and Android, our mobile app is customized with your brand’s look & feel. It’s easy to use, reliable, cutting-edge, and gives your customer a wide-array of options at their  fingertips. Great tool for customer retention.

Click here to learn more Mobile Applications

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