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Give customers a ready-made app with your company’s brand

In today’s rapidly changing world, mobile apps aren’t “optional”. People use apps for everything—shopping, finding a movie, and ordering a taxi. Even local grocers offer a smartphone app, and the demand is growing fast. To keep up with your competitors, it’s essential to have a quality smartphone app.

Smart Phone App Any Company

Functional and reliable

Customers expect a highly functional mobile app that takes care of their needs. It’s got to be clear, easy to use, fast, and reliable. When a customer has a flat tire, dead battery, or car accident—the last thing they wants is to fumble around with an app that crashes, has annoying glitches, or is tough to figure out.

These days, your customer expects to take care of everything…with a few simple taps of their fingertips.

Wide range of uses

Quest’s mobile apps are a convenient, hassle-free way for your customer to report a claim, call for help, and even provide claim information, like uploading pictures. It gives you an efficient new way of processing claims—and, more importantly, a highly satisfied customer.

Big savings

Developing a functioning, quality app from scratch—the kind that gets great reviews at the App store—would come at an astronomical price. But since Quest already has the technology in place, the cost is just pennies per customer.

Benefits to you:

  • Enhanced customer experience—”Help at your fingertips”
  • Real-time claims data sent right to you and the agent
  • Quicker claims cycle
  • Efficient and cost-effective claims processing
  • Look and feel of your brand
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Provide cutting-edge technology
  • Saves you time and money on app development

Benefits to your customer:

  • Get roadside assistance
  • Report an accident
  • Upload pictures from the scene
  • Initiate a claim
  • Find local gas, hotels and repair shops
  • Contact insurance agent
  • Available for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Tablet

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