Municipal Towing & TPA Services

Quest’s Municipal Towing Programs give cities and towns the ability to streamline their vehicle management program. Our third party administrator services allow municipalities to simplify their towing services by:

  • Freeing up administrative staff and police for other duties
  • Eliminating the need to actively contract pay, and manage a rotation program
  • Reduces or eliminates customer service calls
  • Generate funds through revenue sharing of the vehicle towing, storage, redemption and disposal fees

Increase the towing program’s efficiency

img-roadsidetowing2By using our TPA municipal towing program, cities no longer have to worry about response times to accidents. Quest’s program not only increases the speed of response, but also only uses local service providers for towing and storage services, making each program specific to the municipality. Here are some other benefits of using Quest’s Municipal Towing Programs:

  • Increase city revenue and turn a cost center into a revenue generator.
  • Address citizen concerns about increased costs and decreased services
  • Provide your city with increased accountability and control over municipal towing operations
  • Quest is a TPA only – no conflict of interest
  • Quest controls the process for you
  • Easy for citizens to find, pay and retrieve their vehicle

Improve quality of service

Quest’s Municipal Towing Program allows cities to improve all levels of service, including both the customer and the service provider. Our program creates a single point of contact that takes the burden off of a city’s shoulders and makes the process easier for all involved.

Quest Municipal TPA services Makes it Easy for Municipalities and the Public:

  • No more complaints from towing companies frozen out of the process.
  • Individual towing service provider company performance can be monitored and managed.
  • A quicker, more transparent titling and unclaimed vehicles disposal process, utilizing local professional auction houses providing better vehicle preparation to a larger buying audience.
  • One call problem resolution process. The citizen does not have to figure out which Towing company responded to the event.
  • Quest customer advocacy to resolve any citizen’s issues in the event of overcharge or damage claim.
  • One source for regular and consistent reporting on all vehicle dispositions, financial transactions, service levels, towing company performance and compliance.

If you would like more information about Quest’s Municipal Towing Program, please contact us today.

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