Secondary Towing Services

Save money, cut waste, avoid red tape, and increase customer satisfaction!

Quest’s secondary tow services save time and money, and give your customer maximum satisfaction. It’s quick, reliable, and hassle-free.

The Problem

After an accident, cars are brought to a storage facility. It’s in the facility’s best interest to keep the vehicle as long as possible, which compounds daily storage fees that quickly add up—at your expense.

When the vehicle is eventually towed, the fee is often heavily inflated. That’s because an astounding 98% of body shops don’t own a single tow truck! Instead they hire a third-party, who charges an excessive fee, and often gives the repair facility a kickback.

The result—huge losses for you, and an unhappy customer who sits around for weeks waiting for a repair that should have taken a couple of days.

The Quest solution:


Quest’s secondary tow specialists oversee the entire process—keeping your costs at a minimum, and ensuring things go smoothly and super-quick, to keep your customer happy and loyal.

We dispatch only the most qualified, well-trained, and reliable service providers, so you and your client are in good hands throughout the process.

Benefits to you:

  • Huge savings in administrative cost, storage and towing fees, and rental reimbursement
  • Maximum customer satisfaction and retention
  • Quick repair
  • Smooth, secure process run by professionals
  • Avoid costly, time-consuming release process
  • Reduced repair-cycle time
  • Incorporate all your own Direct Repair Provider (DRP) locations
  • Web-based software—so your claims staff and adjusters can assign the tow with one click.

Benefits to your customer:

  • Quick and easy repair process
  • We contact them to keep them apprised of every step
  • Worry-free, hassle-free, run by experienced specialists

Our innovative turnkey service includes:

  • Verifying vehicle location
  • Same day transport
  • Complete handling of entire release process (usually cumbersome, bureaucratic, costly, and time-consuming)
  • Payment in full of advance fees
  • Notification and confirmation of delivery

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